Your safety. our experience

The company AKSOT GmbH (also known as AKSOT Oil Service) is an independent German Business Enterprise.

AKSOT GmbH has been operating for over 10 Years. We know the needs of our customers and the expectations of the (international) industry.

The two main operational fields of our company are analysis of lubricants and fuels (e.g. fuel, lubricating oils, grease, other oils and materials) and oil service for Industrial plants (turbine plants, hydraulic systems etc.).

We constantly improve our core competence: expedited and precise analysis and other services, to offer our clients security and success.

We control the quality of hydraulics, transmission, engines or others Machines (and/or industrial plants) through our used oil analysis and diagnostics program.

Our detailed diagnosis and results allow our customers to take correct decision at the right time: We help you to plan your maintenance cycles better, lower repair costs and reduce your overall costs.

The ranges of our analytics cover both automotive as well as industrials, so that we cover all areas.

The quality of our analysis, our expert knowledge as well as our flexibility and immediacy offer our clients reliable results. All of these provide our clients with the security they need in order to focus on their main goal: being successful in their field.